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An article on the Brest Clubhouse

Welcome to the Brest Clubhouse, Belarus! Thank you for visiting our site. We want to tell you about us and our work.

Brest Clubhouse opened in early 2016. Our activities are focused on the rehabilitation of people with features of mental health. Clubhouse helps them to restore a sense of self-worth, to define new horizons for their possibilities, to return to an active social life, and if possible to work.

The Club house project is implemented by the public organizations «Belarusian Association of social workers» and «Belarus Association of psychotherapists», with financial support from the US Embassy Small Grants Program in Belarus and with the support of State Institution «Territorial social service center of Leninsky district of Brest.”

Clubhouse provides each member:

-Place where you can regularly come;

-employment and concrete work that are significant for him, constant social environment;

-well-organized and developing relationships with people.

Activities of Brest Clubhouse includes a variety of directions (many areas).

Once a week at the General Assembly we distribute responsibilities in accordance with the work of our sections: administrative section, services section and the section for education and employment.

In the services section we deal with the cooking and cleaning of the Clubhouse.


The administrative section is responsible for public relations, Internet administration, and informing the members of the Clubhouse.


Section of education and employment, assists in job search, resume writing, preparation for a meeting with the employer. People responsible for this section are also responsible for the organization of master-classes, psychological trainings, games and exercises for training courses:

  •  On the computer literacy courses, we learn to use the computer and the Internet;
  •  The course «Etiquette and style» we learn how to behave and to look perfect;
  • The course «Fundamentals of care» we talk about the conditions of preservation of health and prevention of diseases of the sanitary norms and safety in general;
  • In the philosophical club «Journey» we face the different countries and the wonders of the world;
  • «Art courses» give us the opportunity to meet talented artists and to try his hand in the visual arts.


  •  In the yoga classes we revitalize our bodies, get to know our feelings, abstract from negative.


  • In the circle of needlework «DIY» we are working with pleasure and in benefit of the ClubHouse. We master new crafts every week, and later we present it in creative exhibition.


We organize cultural events with the participation of artisans, musicians, poets and artists of our city every week. In addition, we participate in town festivals, fairs and exhibitions, international seminars, visit the theater and go tothe cinema.